Small angle X-ray scattering device components arrive at CBE

The parts that will come together for the new small angle X-ray scattering device to be placed in the basement of Sweeney Hall arrived October 6. Sent from France, the pieces were shipped in nine crates weighing anywhere from 300-800 pounds. When assembled the device will be 30 feet in length and will be shared by different departments. View more photos of the arrival on the CBE Facebook page and watch for further updates to come.

Fork lift moving crate into Sweeney
Crates of all sizes containing the equipment were transferred into Sweeney Hall.
Large crate in Sweeney hallway
The largest crates weighed in at 800 pounds.
Sliding large crate down stairs
Workers devised a “track” system to slide the loaded crates down stairwells into the Sweeney Hall basement.