University Honors Program

Students with high ability and clear educational objectives are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities offered by the university honors program.

The University Honors Program emphasizes the development of individualized programs of study to meet the needs of students who have demonstrated the ability and maturity to assume more than the usual degree of responsibility for their education.

The honors program also offers the opportunity to take honors courses and seminars, to make arrangements to take almost any course for honors credit and to carry out individual projects of an original, scholarly nature.

Graduation as a member of the honors program is noted on the student’s diploma, permanent record and in the commencement program.

Who’s Eligible

An undergraduate student who has a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or greater may apply for the program during the second semester of residence or thereafter. A student must participate for a minimum of 48 credit hours.

Students with somewhat lower grade point averages may be admitted providing they appear to have unusual potential or have demonstrated outstanding scholastic ability in other ways.