Graduate Seminar Series Spring 2020 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held in 171 Durham, 11:00 a.m. – noon. They are open to all ISU faculty, staff, students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists. A reception with the seminar guest (open to CBE faculty, staff students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists) is typically held from 10:30-11:00 a.m. in 2061 Sweeney.

Jan. 23 Renewable Chemicals & Fuels: From First Principles to Chemical Manufacturing Dion Vlachos, University of Delaware
Jan. 30 Harnessing Biomaterials to Study and Control Immune Function Christopher Jewell, University of Maryland
Feb. 6

Mammalian Synthetic Biology – Foundations and Applications to Programmable Organoids

Ron Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Feb. 13 Chiral Inorganic Nanostructures Nick Kotov, University of Michigan
Feb. 20 Recent Advances in Polymer Electrolytes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion Andrew Herring, Colorado School of Mines
Feb. 27 Exploiting the Limitation of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis for Efficient Production of Carbon Nanotubes Placidus Amama, Kansas State University
March 5 Soft Electronic and Microfluidic Systems for the Skin John Rogers, Northwestern University
March 12 No Seminar
March 19 No seminar (Spring Break)
March 26 Canceled
Apr. 2 Balancing Metabolic Pathways for the Production of High-Value Chemicals in Recombinant Microorganisms Mattheos Koffas, Rensselaer Ploytechnic Institute
April 9 No Seminar (Industrial Advisory Council visit)
Apr. 16 Modifications of Silk Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration David Kaplan, Tufts University
April 23 From Silicon to Plastic: Materials Design and Process Considerations Elsa Reichmanis, Georgia Institute of Technology