Digital Instruments Dimension 3100 with Nanoscope IV controller, closed loop scanner and motorized sample positioning stage.  Capabilities include  friction and tapping mode AFM in ambient/fluids, scanning tunneling, nanolithography, scanning conductance and force modulation.

Dimension 3100 Scanning Probe Microscope


Hillier research group @ ISU

Molecular Imaging Picostat with Nanoscope E controller with capabilities for contact/friction force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy and operation in ambient/liquid/gas environments—located in W.M. Keck Laboratory for High Throughput Atom-Scale Analysis.

Molecular Imaging Scanning Probe Microscope

Optrel Multiskop with capabilities for surface plasmon resonance and ellipsometry in both spectroscopic and imaging modes.  The system includes several in-situ cells for analysis in liquid systems.

Surface Plasmon Resonance/Ellipsometry System

CH Insturments CHI900 SECM with computer-controlled positioning and data acquisition capabilities—located in W.M. Keck Laboratory for High Throughput Atom-Scale Analysis.

Scanning Electrochemical Microscope

Custom-built Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging system with capabilities for color, angle spread, and dispersion imaging.

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging System

Nikon Optiphot system with brightfield, darkfield and differential interference contrast objectives, CCD camera, video capture card and computer with imaging software.

Optical Microscope/Imaging System the W.M. Keck Laboratory for High Throughput Atom-Scale Analysis

Imago Scientific 3000SiX Local Electrode Atom Probe Microscope with supporting equipment for sample preparation and data analysis—located in W.M. Keck Laboratory for High Throughput Atom-Scale Analysis.

Three Dimensional Atom Probe Microscope

Denton Vacuum model Bench Top Turbo III with quartz crystal thickness monitor.

Vacuum Evaporator/Metal Coating System

Nima Model 611 Trough and Film Balance.

Langmuir Blodgett Trough/Film Balance

Home-built electrochemical imaging system with Newport three-dimensional positioning system with motor controller.

Electrochemical Imaging System

Elchema EQCN 700 quartz crystal nanoobalance, Elchema 200 potentiostat, data acquisition and computer control system.

Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance

CH Instruments model 760B high sensitivity, high speed, computer-controlled electrochemical workstation with potentiostat, bipotentiostat, galvanostat and impedance capabilities.

Electrochemical Workstation

CH Instruments model 1030 8-channel multi-electrode potentiostat.

Multi-Electrode Potentiostat

Harrick Industries plasma cleaner with rotary vane pump.

Plasma Cleaner

World Precision Instruments model WP 100 pipette puller with programmable heat/pull cycles for fabrication of microelectrodes and micropipettes.

Pipette Puller

Bueler model Minimat  polisher.

Electrode Polisher

Three-dimensional milling tool for machining surfaces and small parts/

Milling Tool

AJA Internation model ATC-1800 V combinatorial sputtering system with three sputtering guns for simultaneous/sequential deposition.

Combinatorial/Multi-Gun Sputter Coater

MicroFab Technologies Jetlab II table-top printing platform.

Chemical Inkjet Printer

Nicolet FTIR Microscope with specular and diffuse reflection accessories.

Infrared Spectrometer/Microscope