BioMaP REU 2020 Mentors

Faculty from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Kaitlin Bratlie Polymer Properties That Selectively Target Tumor-Associated Macrophages
Robert Brown Thermal Deconstruction of Biomass
Eric Cochran Lignin-Based Engineering Thermosplastics
Andrew Hillier Hyperspectral Imaging of DNA and Protein-Linked Metal Nanoparticles
Laura Jarboe Contribution of Membrane Proteins to Microbial Robustness
Monica Lamm Understanding the Relation Between Aptamer Structure and Function for Sensors and Synthetic Biology (with Marit Nilson-Hamilton)
Surya Mallapragada Drug and Gene Delivery
Thomas Mansell Probiotic Engineering
Balaji Narasimhan Immunomodulatory Nanovacccines Against Infectious Disease
Nigel Reuel Resonant Biosensors for Enzyme Activity, Protein Binding, and Ion Detection
Derrick Rollins The Artificial Pancreas Project
Ian Schneider Controlling Structure and Mechanical Properties to Understand and Guide Cell Migration
R. Dennis Vigil Model Validation for Photosynthetically Active Radiation Transport in Algal Photobioreactors
Qun Wang Reprogramming Intestinal Stem Cells to Treat Diverse Diseases



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