BioMaP REU 2023 Mentors

Rizia BardhanTherapeutic Hybrid Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery Across the Blood Brain Barrier
Ratul ChowdhuryAI-driven Design of Alpha Helical Proteins
Eric CochranLignin-Based Engineering Thermosplastics
Laura JarboeMicrobial Cell Factories for Lipid Conversion
Molly KozminskyDNA-directed Patterning to Study Tumor Microenvironments
Monica LammUnderstanding the Relation Between Aptamer Structure and Function for Sensors and Synthetic Biology (with Marit Nilson-Hamilton)
Surya MallapragadaDrug and Gene Delivery
Thomas MansellProbiotic Engineering
Balaji NarasimhanImmunomodulatory Nanovacccines Against Infectious Disease
Nigel ReuelToward Real-Time Control of Cell Differentiation Using Reinforcement Learning
Ian SchneiderActuatable DNA Origami Structures for Drug Release
Zengyi ShaoAssessing Genome Accessibility and the Impact on Microbial Factory Performance Using CRISPR-based Genome Editing Tool
R. Dennis VigilContinuous Fermentation, Extraction, and Phase Separation in a Taylor Vortex Reactor
Jing WangThree-Dimensional Whole-Tissue Fluorescence Imaging
Qun WangDeveloping New Oral Vaccines Through the Minigut Mucosal System