The toolbox of shape-morphing strategies contains several techniques used to induce rolling, gripping, and folding.

New review article: 3D and 4D assembly of functional structures using shape-morphing materials for biological applications

Congratulations to Soheyl and Lily on this exciting review article in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. You can read it here.

Kozminsky Lab research highlighted by Office of the Vice President for Research

Read more about our collaborative project with the Wannemuehler Lab here.

Molly Kozminsky and collaborator Mike Wannemuehler receive grant award from the Margaret B. Barry Cancer Research Program

Looking forward to our new collaborative project: Dissecting contributions to the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment in pancreatic cancer using novel in vitro systems.

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We are recruiting postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are interested in working at the interface of engineering and cancer research. Experience in cell culture or photolithography is beneficial, but not required. Please email Professor...

Multiplexed DNA-directed patterning of antibodies for applications in blood cell detection and analysis

M Kozminsky*, OJ Scheideler*, B Li, NK Liu, LL Sohn. "Multiplexed DNA-Directed Patterning of Antibodies for Applications in Cell Subpopulation Analysis." ACS applied materials & interfaces 13.39 (2021): 46421-46430. *denotes equal contribution Abstract: Antibodies...

Recapitulating Complex Biological Signaling Environments using a Multiplexed, DNA-Patterning Approach

OJ Scheideler, C Yang, M Kozminsky, KI Mosher, R Falcón-Banchs, EC Ciminelli, AW Bremer, SA Chern, DV Schaffer, LL Sohn. "Recapitulating complex biological signaling environments using a multiplexed, DNA-patterning approach." Science advances 6.12 (2020): eaay5696....