Vigil and Shao Secure Grant to Develop a Taylor Vortex Bioreactor-Extractor-Separator

Dennis Vigil and Zengyi Shao, researchers from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Iowa State University, have received a grant from BioMADE to develop a cutting-edge Taylor Vortex Bioreactor-Extractor-Separator. The project is part of BioMADE’s initiative to advance the U.S. bioeconomy and biomanufacturing goals by focusing on improving bioreactor design and development.

The BioMADE Technical Committee and the Schmidt Futures Task Force on Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy have recognized bioreactor innovation as a key priority for scaling up the production of bio-based chemicals, materials, and biomolecules. However, current bioreactor technology has remained largely unchanged for decades, posing challenges and limitations in biomanufacturing processes.

The Continuous Taylor Vortex Fermentor-Extractor-Separator project, led by Vigil, aims to address these issues by improving mixing and media flow and using the centrifugal separation potential of the bioreactor rotating cylinder. The innovative approach combines processing steps and reduces the need for downstream equipment. If successful, this could accelerate the field of biomanufacturing.

The project led by Vigil and Shao is just one example of innovative research funded by BioMADE. The organization’s commitment to supporting groundbreaking projects is helping to shape the future of biomanufacturing and strengthen the U.S. bioeconomy. As the field continues to evolve, the work of talented researchers like Vigil and Shao will play a crucial role in addressing pressing global challenges and promoting sustainable solutions.

For more information on BioMADE grants, the exciting projects by Vigil and Shao, and other grant awardees, visit the official BioMADE website.