R. Dennis Vigil
Research Group

We specialize in validating novel models and computational methods that simulate multiphase processes.

We are particularly interested in solving important technological problems, such as accurately predicting the interplay between mass and heat transport and biokinetics in bioreactors, enhanced oil recovery and aquifer remediation, developing innovative reaction engineering and separation approaches for algaculture, and predicting the stability and droplet size distribution in non-Newtonian emulsions.

Our research efforts aim to advance the field of multiphase processes and deliver impactful solutions to real-world problems.


Vigil and Shao Secure Grant to Develop a Taylor Vortex Bioreactor-Extractor-Separator

Dennis Vigil and Zengyi Shao, researchers from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Iowa State University, have received a grant from BioMADE to develop a cutting-edge Taylor Vortex Bioreactor-Extractor-Separator. The project is part of BioMADE's...

Collaboration with AbbVie brings value to CoMFRE

While bringing together faculty and students through research endeavors, Iowa State’s Center for Multiphase Flow Research and Education has capitalized on its working relationships with industry partners. AbbVie which is a global, research and development-based...

CoMFRE tackling a vexing droplet research issue with newly designed apparatus

“Predicting breakup is hard to do.” Those are the words of Professor R. Dennis Vigil, an Iowa State University chemical engineering professor. What he’s talking about is the understanding of a vexing research issue: How immiscible droplets of liquid suspended in...