Ian C Schneider

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

3053 Sweeney
Ames, IA 50011-2230
Phone: 515-294-0450


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2005 M.S. Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2002 B.S. Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University, 2000

Interest Areas

Teaching Fall Semester 2017
  • Ch E 698 A, Ch E Teaching Practicum (with Dr. Kurt Hebert)

Brief Biography


Selected Publications

  • Wang, J., Petefish, J., Hillier, A., Schneider, I.C. Epitaxially Grown Collagen Fibers Reveal Diversity in Contact Guidance Behavior among Cancer Cells. In press. Langmuir.
  • Hou, Y., Rodriguez, L.L., Wang, J. and Schneider, I.C. 2014. Collagen Attachment to the Substrate Controls Cell Clustering through Migration. Phys. Biol. 11:056007.
  • Haage, A., Nam, D.H., Ge, X. and Schneider, I.C. 2014. Matrix Metalloproteinase-14 is a Mechanically Regulated Activator of Secreted MMPs and Invasion. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 450: 213-218.
  • Haage, A. and Schneider, I.C. 2014.Cellular Contractility and Extracellular Matrix Stiffness Regulate Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity in Pancreatic Cancer Cells. The FASEB J. 8: 3589-3599.
  • Romsey, N., Hou, Y., Lara Rodriguez, L. and Schneider, I.C. 2014. The Number of Lines a Cell Contacts and Cell Contractility Drive the Efficiency of Contact Guidance. Cell. Mol. Bioeng. 7: 122-135.
  • Lara Rodriguez, L. and Schneider, I.C. 2013. Directed Cell Migration in Multi-cue Environments. 2013. Integr. Biol. 5: 1306-1323.
  • Gardel, M. L., Schneider, I. C., Aratyn-Schaus, Y., and Waterman, C., 2010. "Mechanical Integration of Actin and Adhesion Dynamics in Cell Migration," Ann. Rev. of Cell and Dev. Biol. 26:315-333.
  • Pasapera, A. M., Schneider, I. C., Rericha, E., Schlaepfer, D. D. and Waterman, C., 2010. "Myosin II Activity Regulates Vinculin Recuritment to Focal Adhesions Through FAK-mediated Paxillin-phosphorylation," J. Cell Biol. 188: 877-890.
  • Haugh, J. M., and Schneider, I. C., 2006. "Effectiveness Factor for Spatial Gradient Sensing in Living Cells," Chem. Eng. Sci. 61: 5603-5611.
  • Schneider, I. C., and Haugh, J. M., 2005. "Quantitative Elucidation of a Distinct Spatial Gradient Sensing Mechanism in Fibroblasts," J. Cell Biol. 171:883-892.