Chemical and Biological Engineering Fall 2019 Graduate Seminar Series Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held in 171 Durham, 11:00 a.m. – noon. They are open to all ISU faculty, staff, students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists. A reception with the seminar guest (open to CBE faculty, staff students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists) is typically held from 10:30-11:00 a.m. in 2061 Sweeney.

August 29 Welcome Back/Introductory Seminar CBE Faculty
Sept. 5 Safety Seminar CBE Faculty/Staff
Sept. 12 Multi-scale Simulations of the Thin Passivization Layers – for Aluminum Forming and Lithium-Ion Battery Durability Yue Qi, Michigan State University
Sept. 19 Water-Oil Inter Facial Dynamics Vladimir Alvarado, University of Wyoming
Sept. 26 Systems Approaches for Engineering Microbial Biocatalysts Jennifer Reed, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Oct. 3 Director of Graduate Education Town Hall
Oct. 10 Enhancing the Properties of Recycled Polypropylene: Upgrading Recycled Polypropylene for More Demanding Applications Scott Trenor, Milliken & Company
Oct. 17 Attractive Couples Break Up Unexpectedly Christine M. Hrenya, Univ. of Colorado Boulder
Oct. 24 Blake Simmons, US DOE Joint BioEnergy Institute
Oct. 31 Controlling Protein Expression After mRNA Transcription: Stoichiometry and the Central Dogma Alain Laederach, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sept. 7 Teaching Excellence/Research Excellence Presentations Graduate Students
Sept. 14 No seminar (AIChE Conference)
Sept. 21 Perfect Pitch Competition, Part I Graduate Students
Sept. 28 No seminar (Thanksgiving Break)
Dec. 5 Perfect Pitch, Part II Graduate Students
Dec. 12 No seminar (Dead Week)