Graduate Seminar Series 2022-23 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held at 11 a.m. on the date indicated, 171 Durham. Detailed information will be distributed to department graduate students and faculty prior to each seminar. Seminars are open to all ISU faculty, staff, students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists.

Fall Semester
Aug. 25 Introduction Department Faculty
Sept. 1 Safety Department Faculty & Staff
Sept. 8 Non-linear electrokinetic enrichment of targeted cells and nucleic acids coupled with electrochemical sensing for point-of-care diagnostics Robbyn Anand, Iowa State University Dept. of Chemistry
Sept. 15 Investigating Biological Systems with the Integration of Modeling and Data Analysis Rajib Saha, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Sept. 22 Non-thermal plasma-based conversion of biomass and plastics for value-added chemicals Xianglan Bai, Iowa State University Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Sept. 29 Synthetic Biology for Enhanced mRNA Functions and Animal Performance Qing Sun, Texas A&M University
Oct. 13 Perfect Pitch – I Graduate Students
Oct. 20 Understanding Mechanisms in Electrolyte-Gating of Functional Materials Chris Leighton, University of Minnesota
Oct. 27 Catalysis by supported metal nanoparticles: Fundamental insights from surface science measurements on model systems Charles Campbell, University of Washington
Nov. 3 Sustainable Manufacturing of Chemicals and Nanomaterials Sustainable Manufacturing of Chemicals and Nanomaterials Paul Kenis, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Nov. 10 Nanoengineering strategies to tackle inflammatory diseases Ryan Pearson, University of Maryland
Nov. 17 No Seminar – AIChE Conference
Nov. 24 No Seminar – Thanksgiving
Dec. 1 Developing Electrostatic Processes for the Conversion of Biomass – Derived Feedstocks Into Renewable Fuels and Chemicals Juan Lopez-Ruiz, Dept. of Energy – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dec. 8 No Seminar – Prep Week
Spring Semester
Jan. 19 Safety Department Faculty & Staff
Jan. 26 Michelle O’Malley, rescheduled to March 2
Feb. 2 Understanding and Exploiting Cancer Mechanobiology Adam Engler, University of California San Diego
Feb. 9 Unseen Yellowstone: Microbial Discoveries and Biotechnological Applications Brent Payton, Montana State University
Feb. 16 No Seminar
Feb. 23 No Seminar
March 2 Unblocking the Biotech Potential of Anaerobic Gut Fungi Michelle O’Malley, University of California Santa Barbara
March 9 Environmental Catalysis Principles for Upgrading Nitrate-containing Water Mike Wong, Rice University
March 23 Unlocking Intracellular Therapeutic Targets through Novel Nanostructured Biomaterials Millicent Sullivan, University of Delaware
March 30

Engineering High-Precision, Dynamic Genetic Control Systems for Cellular Reprogramming

Kate Galloway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
April 6 Electrochemical Systems for Carbon Dioxide Utilization Feng Jiao, University of Delaware
Apr. 20 Nanomaterials for Advanced Manufacturing Shan Jiang, Iowa State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Apr. 27 Designing Advanced Materials for Advanced Manufacturing: Striving for Sustainability Timothy Long, Arizona State University