Undergraduate Program

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The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in chemical engineering.

Program Educational Objectives

The objectives of the chemical engineering program at Iowa State University are to produce graduates who:

  • Will excel in careers as professional chemical engineers in the businesses and industries related to chemical engineering
  • Will successfully pursue research and advanced studies in chemical engineering, or in related fields such as chemistry and biology, or in related professional fields such as medicine, law and business

Courses You Would Take

The department offers a wide range of chemical engineering courses, which many are taught in state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories. Core courses are offered each semester to enable rapid progress of those taking advantage of industrial internship opportunities.

For transfer students, enrollment is permitted for no more than two semesters before satisfying the basic program requirement. Certain waivers and substitutions are possible for transfer students and should be discussed with the academic adviser as early as possible.

Your first step is to apply. Do you need help paying for it? Check out our financial aid options.

Note From The Department Chair

Andy HillierThe department continues to advance its mission of providing the highest quality chemical engineering education while pursuing innovative and impactful research and service to society. Based on our enrollment numbers, we continue to be a major destination of choice for chemical engineering students. Our students continue to be highly successful and sought after by companies, universities, and national laboratories. Our research efforts continue to be accompanied by high-impact scholarship, technical innovation, and extramural funding, which this year totaled $9.2 million.

Go Cyclones,
Andrew C. Hillier
Professor and Reginald R. Baxter Endowed Department Chair

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