Graduate Seminar Series: 2000-2001

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Informational Seminar: Introduction of New Graduate Students, Faculty & Staff  CBE Department August 31, 2000
Adventures in Reaction Complexity: Human Blood Scott L. Diamond PhD – University of Pennsylvania September 7, 2000
Molecular Design of Catalysts: Experimental and Molecular Perspectives Dr. Alexis T. Bell – University of California, Berkeley September 21, 2000
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Compound Semiconductors Tim Anderson – University of Florida October 19, 2000
Chemical Engineers – Well-Matched to Economic Analysis Dr. Frank Stermole – Colorado School of Mines October 20, 2000
Reducing Cost of Manufacture of Organic Chemicals Using Phase-Transfer Catalysis Dr. Mark Halpern – PTC Organics, Inc. October 26, 2000
Production of Foreign Proteins Using Transgenic Plant Tissue Cultures Pauline M. Doran – University of New South Wales November 2, 2000
Phase Behavior and Properties of Macromolecular Surfactants Frank S. Bates – University of Minnesota November 9, 2000
Legal and Ethical Implications of Industry-Funded Research Lisa Lorenzen – Iowa State University January 25, 2001
Design and Synthesis of Reversible Emulsifiers Based upon Polymer Complexation Alec B. Scranton – University of Iowa February 8, 2001
Fungal Protein From Food Industry Waste Water Hans van Leeuwen – Iowa State University February 15, 2001
“LP” Reaction Technology: Chemistry’s Effect on Reactor Design Bernie Toseland – Air Products and Chemicals March 1, 2001
CORNUCOPIA OR SCARCITY: Can we have Biomass for fuel and eat it too? Bruce E. Dale – Michigan State University March 8, 2001
Plant Cell Culture Production of Recombinant Proteins Karen A. McDonald – University of California, Davis March 29, 2001
Organic Synthesis Engineering (OSE) L.K. Doraiswamy – Iowa State University April 26, 2001