Graduate Seminar Series: 2001-2002

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Making Polyactide Polymers from Renewable Resources Jack Starr – Cargill Dow Polymers LLC October 4, 2001
The Use of Computational Chemistry in Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Stanley I. Sandler – University of Delaware October 18, 2001
One Question Leads to Another Thomas D. Wheelock – Iowa State University October 25, 2001
Dissecting the Control of Antibiotic Biosynthesis from Reaction to Genomic Levels Wei-Shou Hu – University of Minnesota November 1, 2001
Screening and Engineering of Genetic Material for Nutritional Applications Friedhelm Brinkhaus, PhD – Kemin Biotechnology L.C. November 15, 2001
Connect Virtual Design with Physical Reality – NIST Sources of Accurate Fluid Properties Information Dr. Arno Laesecke – National Institute of Standards and Technology November 29, 2001
Design of High Performance Polymers and Polymer/Quasicrystal Composites Valerie V. Sheares – Iowa State University January 24, 2002
Microchemical Systems for Chemical Discovery and Development Dr. Klavs F. Jensen – Massachusetts Institute of Technology January 31, 2002
Structure/Function Fundamentals of Enzyme Mimetics for Cellulose Hydrolysis Michael R. Ladisch – Purdue University February 14, 2002
Optimal Design of Catalytic Monoliths David H. West – The Dow Chemical Company February 21, 2002
Large Scale Production of Proteins in Transgenic Plants Scott E. Keeler PhD – The Dow Chemical Company April 4, 2002
Contact Mechanics and the Science of Adhesion Dr. Alphonsus V. Pocius – 3M Adhesive Technologies Center April 11, 2002
Structure Prediction in Protein Folding Dr. Christodoulos Floudas – Princeton University April 18, 2002
NSF’s Recent Nanoscience and Technology Activities Robert Wellek PhD – National Science Foundation April 25, 2002