Graduate Seminar Series: 2002-2003

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
New Chemicals and Polymers from Biomass Dr. Joe Bozell – National Renewable Energy Laboratory September 5, 2002
DNA in Micro-Flows Ronald Larson – University of Michigan September 12, 2002
Chemical Engineering in the Tavern Jaime Jurado – The Gambrinus Company September 19, 2002
Systems Biology: New Opportunities for Process Systems Engineering Frank Doyle – University of California, Santa Barbara September 26, 2002
Transport Mechanisms For Small Molecules in Polymers: New Insights from Infrared Spectroscopy Timothy Barbari – University of Maryland, College Park October 3, 2002
Fuel Reforming in Millisecond Reactors: From Natural Gas to Diesel and From Synfuels to Fuel Cells Lanny D. Schmidt – University of Minnesota October 17, 2002
Polymer Nanocomposites by Melt Processing D.R. Paul – University of Texas, Austin October 24, 2002
Genomics: An Opportunity for Engineers Michael L. Shuler – Cornell University November 21, 2002
Crystallization of Integral Membrane Proteins: Harvesting Low Hanging Fruit John M. Wiencek – University of Iowa December 3, 2002
The Role of Metabolic Engineering and Chemical Catalysis in the Production of Chemicals from Carbohydrates Douglas C. Cameron – Cargill, Inc. December 5, 2002
And Then What? – Attending to the Context of Our Innovations Fred Kirschenmann – Iowa State University January 16, 2003
Uncovering the Molecular Mechanism of Cancer Prevention by Dietary Energy Restriction Diane F. Birt – Iowa State University January 23, 2003
In-situ and Real Time Characterization of Photopolymer Systems Julie L.P. Jessop – University of Iowa January 30, 2003
The Use of Transformation Flowsheets as a High Level Representation of Industrial Processes Sergio Barbarino – Procter & Gamble March 17, 2003
Advances in Protein Delivery, Molecular Recognition and Micropatterning Nicholas Peppas – Purdue University April 10, 2003