Graduate Seminar Series: 2003-2004

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Manipulation of Metabolic Landscape for Biomolecular Synthesis: Understanding and Controlling Bacterial Cell-to-Cell Signaling William E. Bentley – University of Maryland September 25, 2003
Polymers for Gene Delivery Alexander Kabanov – University of Nebraska October 2, 2003
Parallel Computational Methods for Industrial Reacting Flows Albert Harvey – The Dow Chemical Company October 9, 2003
Protein Interactions and Their Relation to Crystallization Behavior Abraham M. Lenhoff – University of Delaware October 16, 2003
Novel Photopolymerization Methods and Their Exploitation for Emerging Applications Christopher N. Bowman – University of Colorado October 23, 2003
Field-Based Colloidal Manipulation for Microfluidics and Photonics David Marr – Colorado School of Mines October 30, 2003
Combinatorial Approaches to Polymer Thin Film Phase Separation Alamgir Karim – National Institute of Standards and Technology November 13, 2003
Modeling High-Speed Deformation of Thermally Sprayed Polymer Particles Richard Cairncross – Drexel University January 13, 2004
Protein Fluctuations and Dynamics Robert Jernigan – Iowa State University January 22, 2004
Bioethics and Public Policy Clark Wolf – Iowa State University January 29, 2004
Industrial Applications of Vegetable-Based Esters Brent Aufdembrink – Cargill, Inc. April 8, 2004
Energy, Renewables and Biomass: Future Challenges James R. Katzer – ExxonMobil April 15, 2004
Drug and Cell Delivery from Injectable, Biodegradable Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Antonios G. Mikos – Rice University April 22, 2004
Platform Technologies: Targeted Delivery of Imaging Contrast Agents and Chemotherapeutic Drugs Ananth Annapragada PhD – University of Texas, Houston June 7, 2004
Integrated Production Processes for Global Markets Eckhard Strofer – BASF-Germany June 11, 2004