Graduate Seminar Series: 2004-2005

 Speaker  Seminar  Date
Controlled Assembly of Thin Film Nano-Assemblies for Power, Display and Bioapplications Paula T. Hammond – Massachusetts Institute of Technology September 30, 2004
Free Energy and All That David A. Kofke – New York State University, Buffalo October 7, 2004
Combinatorial Methods for Materials: What’s New Since Edison? Eric J. Amis – National Institute of Standards and Technology October 14, 2004
Prediction of Structure and Functional Sites in Proteins Andrzej Kloczkowski – Iowa State University October 21, 2004
Protein Narcissism Todd Przybycien – Carnegie Mellon University November 18, 2004
Synthesis and Use of Chiral Ionic Liquids Daniel W. Armstrong – Iowa State University December 2, 2004
Atomically Engineered Active Sites and Their Nanoscale Environments for Supported Metal Catalysts Matthew Neurock – University of Virginia December 9, 2004
Aptamers, Alternatives to Antibodies: Their Applications in Measuring Gene Expression and Imaging Cells in Vivo Marit Nilsen-Hamilton – Iowa State University January 20, 2005
Plasma Material Processing: Creating High Value Mark J. Kushner – Iowa State University January 27, 2005
Applications of Rapid PCR In Diagnostics, Kinetics and Assembly Hendrik J. Viljoen – University of Nebraska, Lincoln February 3, 2005
Proteomics: A Systems-Level Tool for Solving Biological Engineering Problems Kenneth F. Reardon – Colorado State University March 3, 2005
Fundamental Characterization of Cationic Photopolymerizations Alec B. Scranton – University of Iowa March 10, 2005
Materials Design Considerations for Next Generation Gas and Vapor Separation Membranes Benny Freeman – University of Texas, Austin March 24, 2005
Microfabricated Biochemical Analysis: Cells to Single Molecules Mark A. Burns – University of Michigan April 5, 2005
Larson-Ruth Symposium Keynote Lecture: Creating Functional Peptide Architectures at Interfaces Matthew Tirrell – University of California, Santa Barbara April 7, 2005
Polymer Nanostructure Development in Liquid Crystals Allan Guymon – University of Iowa April 14, 2005
Glycosylation Reaction Kinetics Andreas Acrivos – Iowa State University April 21, 2005