Graduate Seminar Series: 2006-2007

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Cryo-TEM Imaging of Self-Aggregation in Solution Yeshayahu Talmon – Israel Institute of Technology August 17, 2006
Amplification of Biomolecular Interactions Using Liquid Crystals Nicholas Abbott – University of Wisconsin, Madison October 5, 2006
Using Atomistic Simulations to Understand Structure-Property Relationships: Application to Ionic Liquids and Crystalline Nanoporous Materials Edward Maginn – University of Notre Dame October 6, 2006
Metabolic Engineering Methods and Applications in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nancy DaSilva – University of California, Irvine October 19, 2006
Probing Molecular Level Structure and Properties of Polymer Modified Interfaces S. Michael Kilbey II – Clemson University October 26, 2006
Probabilistic Methods in Population Balances Themis Matsoukas – Pennsylvania State University September 21, 2006
Co-Delivery of Antigens and Adjuvants from Biodegradable Particles Stimulate Potent Antigen-Specific Anti-Tumor Immune Responses Aliasger Salem – University of Iowa September 28, 2006
Drug Nanoparticle Formation by Flash NanoPrecipitation Using Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly Robert Prud’homme – Princeton University December 7, 2006
Water in Catalyst Layers and Membranes of PEM Fuel Cells: Friend and Foe Michael Eikerling – Simon Fraser University January 18, 2007
Velocity and Concentration Measurements of Macro- and Microscale Turbulent Mixing Flows Michael G. Olsen – Iowa State University January 25, 2007
Design and Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers for Advanced Applications Malika Jeffries-El – Iowa State University February 8, 2007
Control of Nonlinear Distributed Process Systems Panagiotis Christofides – University of California, Los Angeles February 22, 2007
Cellular and Protein Interactions on Self-assembled Monolayer Surfaces Stuart L. Cooper – Ohio State University March 1, 2007
Transitioning to a Sustainable Energy System – Choosing Among Options Jefferson Tester – Massachusetts Institute of Technology April 19, 2007
Who Was Who in Transport Phenomena Robert Byron Bird May 4, 2007