Graduate Seminar Series: 2007-2008

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Design and Construction of Microbial Strains for Efficient Succinate Production from Renewable Resources Ka-Yiu San – Rice University September 13, 2007
Transitioning to a Sustainable Energy System – Choosing Among Options Jefferson Tester – Massachusetts Institute of Technology October 11, 2007
Self-Organized Titanium Oxide Nanotube-Layers: Formation, Properties and Applications Patrik Schmuki – University of Erlangen-Nuremberg October 18, 2007
Molecular Catalysis on Surfaces Bruce Gates – University of California, Davis November 15, 2007
Photosystem I Films for Biomimetic Solar Energy Conversion G. Kane Jennings – Vanderbilt University December 6, 2007
Field Driven Assembly in Nanotechnology Juan De Pablo – University of Wisconsin, Madison February 28, 2008
Complex Reaction Networks: Analysis and Discovery Linda Broadbelt – Northwestern University March 6, 2008
The Future of Coal-Based Power Generation in a Carbon-Constrained World James R. Katzer – Iowa State University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology March 13, 2008
Computer Simulations of Colloidal and Nanoparticle Assembly Amit Chakrabarti – Kansas State University April 3, 2008
Non-Canonical Amino Acids in Protein Design, Evolution and Analysis David A. Tirrell – California Institute of Technology April 10, 2008
Selective Oxidation Reactions Catalyzed by Supported Gold Nanoparticles Robert J. Davis – University of Virginia May 1, 2008