Graduate Seminar Series: 2009-2010

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Advances in Population Balance Modeling R. Bertrum Diemer, Jr. – University of Delaware September 3, 2009
CyBuy Cory Harms and Leslie Lackore – Iowa State University September 10, 2009
From Patchy Particles to Shape Amphiphiles: Designing a New Generation of Materials Building Sharon C. Glotzer – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor October 1, 2009
A Look at Modeling and Monitoring Tools Used to Address Air Polution Dynamics Alberto Mendoza – Tecnologico de Monterrey October 8, 2009
Corporate Research and Development in the Starch Industry Frank Barresi – Grain Processing Corporation October 29, 2009
Designing Fully Hydrogenated, Styrene Based Block Copolymers Stephen F. Hahn – Dow Chemical Company November 5, 2009
Cellular Control in a Couple of Clicks Kristi S. Anseth January 14, 2010
Multifunctional Composite Material Michael Kessler – Iowa State University January 28, 2010
The Challenges and Opportunities of Modeling Engineering Solutions on Concepts from Metabolic Biology Basil J. Nikolau – Iowa State University February 11, 2010
Nutrient Cycling in the Bioeconomy: Improving efficiency through the catalyst recovering and recycling Robert P. Anex – Iowa State University February 18, 2010
Pyrolysis Based Technologies for the Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Fuels and Chemicals George W. Huber – University of Massachusetts, Amherst February 25, 2010
Chemical and Biological Safety Seminar Jon Judge and Rich McColley – Iowa State University March 25, 2010
Personalized Energy for 1 (x 6 Billion) Daniel G. Nocera – Massachusetts Institute of Technology April 8, 2010
Polymeric Nanofibers: from Fabrication to Application Russell E. Gorga – North Carolina State University April 16, 2010
Cellular Sleeping Pills and Engineered Biofilm Systems Thomas K. Wood – Texas A & M University April 1, 2010