Graduate Seminar Series: 2010-2011

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Parts, Devices, and Chassis in Support of Metabolic Engineering Kristala Jones Prather – Massachusetts Institute of Technology September 2, 2010
A Vision for Carbohydrate-based Therapeutics and Diagnostics Nicola Pohl September 7, 2010
The Role of Topology and Electrostatics in Folding Catalytic RNAs Alain Laederach – University at Albany September 9, 2010
Approaches for Resolving Fluorescence Excited States from Single Cytometric Events Jessica Houston – New Mexico State University September 16, 2010
Electrolyte-Dependent 2-D Aggregation of Colloidal Particles on a Planar A/C Electrode Dennis Prieve – Carnegie Mellon University September 23, 2010
Design of Highly Elastic Nanostructured Hydrogel Networks Travis Bailey – Colorado State University September 30, 2010
Heterogeneous Catalysts from Gold and AuM Nanoparticles Bert Chandler – Trinity University October 14, 2010
Surfing the Genome Ryan Gill – University of Colorado October 21, 2010
Protein-Aided Nanomanufacturing Daniel Schwartz – University of Washington October 28, 2010
Microneedle-based Drug Delivery Kris Hansen – 3M Drug Delivery Systems November 4, 2010
Putting Chemistry to Work for Nano- and Biomedical Research Younan Xia – Washington University in St. Louis November 18, 2010
Microtubule Assembly Dynamics at the Nanoscale David Odde – University of Minnesota January 20, 2011
Pathways to Energy-dense Bio-fuels by Catalytic Conversion of ƴ-valerotactone Jesse Bond – University of Wisconsin February 1, 2011
Optoelectronics: Making a Material Difference Heather Hunt – University of Southern California February 8, 2011
Catalytic Pathways for Depolymerization of Cellulose and Lignin in Liquid Solvents Z. Conrad Zhang – KiOR, Inc. February 10, 2011
3D X-ray Flow Visualization to Characterize Multiphase Flows Theodore Heindel – Iowa State University March 31, 2011
Chemical and Biological Safety Seminar CBE Safety Committee April 11, 2011
Self-Assembled and Nanostructured Materials for Membrane Separations Stephen Martin – Virginia Tech University April 21, 2011