Graduate Seminar Series: 2011-2012

 Seminar  Speaker  Date
Microbial Synthesis of Drugs and Fuels via Synthetic Biology Huimin Zhoa – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign September 8, 2011
Using Interfacial Manipulations to Generate Functional Materials from Nanostructured Polymers Thomas Epps – University of Delaware September 15, 2011
Combining the Tools of Material Science and Biology: Solutions in Low-Cost Diagnostics Rebecca Cademartiri – Iowa State University September 20, 2011
New Vistas in Dispersion Science and Engineering Darsh Wasan – Illinois Institute of Technology September 22, 2011
Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics Akin Akinc – Alnylam September 29, 2011
Maps, Traffic and Traffic Lights: A Cellular Perspective Ganesh Sriram – University of Maryland October 13, 2011
TBD Katharina Landfester – Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research October 27, 2011
The Theory of Hydrophobicity: Some Recent Developments on a Venerable Subject Pablo Debenedetti – Princeton University November 3, 2011
Designing Adsorbent Materials for Capture of CO₂ from Dilute Gases Chris Jones – Georgia Institute of Technology November 17, 2011
Microfluidic Engineering of Cell Microenvironments Shuichi Takayama – University of Michigan December 1, 2011
Self-Assembly of Nanoscale Colloids Nicholas Kotov – University of Michigan April 19, 2012