Graduate Seminar Series: 2012-2013

Seminar Speaker Date
Laboratory Safety: Spill Procedures Ryan Wyllie – Iowa State University August 30, 2012
Creating Materials to Answer Questions and Solve Problems Ludovico Cademartiri – Iowa State University September 13, 2012
Catalytic Routes for the Conversion of C₁ Feedstock Aditya Bhan – University of Minnesota October 4, 2012
Modeling the Directed Self-assembly of Polymers for Lithographic Applications Jed Pitera – IBM Almaden Research Center October 18, 2012
Hydration and Drying of Biological and Model Substrates Pablo Debenedetti – Princeton University October 25, 2012
The Challenges of Conducting Research in Industry Ross Behling – 3M Company November 8, 2012
Systems Tissue Engineering Lonnie Shea – Northwestern University January 24, 2013
Self Assembly, Precisely Alex Travesset – Iowa State University February 14, 2013
Mitigation of Bacterial Infections via Magnetic Hypertherapy Eric Nuxoll – University of Iowa February 28, 2013
Biomolecular Tools for Sustainable Energy and Improved Human Health Wilfred Chen – University of Delaware March 7, 2013
Engineering Clostridial Fermentation for Biofuels and Chemicals Production Shang-Tian Yang March 28, 2013
Highly Penetrative Nanocarriers Loaded with Drugs Targeted to Resistant Cells Improve Treatment of Brain Tumors W. Mark Saltzman – Yale University April 11, 2013
Design of Porous Catalysts for Activity, Selectivity and Stability in the Continuous Processing of Bio-derived Feedstocks Susannah Scott – University of California, Santa Barbara April 18, 2013