Independent Study and Undergraduate Research

You may participate in a special undergraduate research program or may pursue independent study through CH E 490. This opportunity may be particularly valuable for you if you plan to obtain an advanced degree or if you want to work in a specific industry.

If you’re considering future research studies (such as graduate school) or employment in industrial or academic research, participate in a special undergraduate research program by registering for CH E 490. You are strongly encouraged to participate for two semesters. You may participate in special meetings covering topics such as: the methodology of conducting scientific research, the status of the research in industry and academia, ethics and scientific professionalism, safety, general opportunities for graduate research in chemical engineering, application procedures for graduate school, availability of national fellowships, and specific research opportunities at Iowa State. You may attend group meetings on a regular basis and will be encouraged to attend the graduate research seminar (CH E 601).

You may also participate in a special topics project involving independent study by registering for CH E 490. These projects may include literature studies/reviews, completion of the AIChE Student Design Contest Problem, setting up a laboratory experiment, etc.

You will select these projects by consultation with individual faculty members. Election of course and topic must be approved in advance by your project supervisor and your faculty adviser with the completion of CH E 490 Study Proposal Form. Upon completion of the project,  you will submit a written report to the faculty coordinator. Participation in regional student chapter meetings also is anticipated for outstanding contributions. No more than 6 credits total of CH E 490 or other STEM departmental independent/research study may be counted towards technical electives. 

Honors program students may participate by registering for CH E 490H.