CBE welcomes one new faculty member, three new staff members

Rizia Bardhan

Rizia Bardhan joined the faculty of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in January, 2020 as an associate professor.

Her research focuses on the use of both soft and hard nanoparticles for molecular imaging and image-guided treatment that include immunotherapies, drug delivery, and light-based therapies. She is also an expert in Raman spectroscopy and its applications in metabolic response to treatment.

Ryan Arndorfer

Ryan Arndorfer joined the department as a laboratory coordinator. He works with laboratory coordinator Sarah Beckman in handling many important and ever-expanding teaching and research laboratory-related duties, including managing and maintaining equipment, procuring new equipment, assisting with graduate teaching assistant trainings, and overseeing lab safety.

He holds a master’s degree in genetics from Iowa State University and is a six-year U.S. Air Force veteran, where he worked in computer network systems.

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown joined the department team as a student services specialist. He advises CBE undergrads, works with the department’s student ambassador program and works with prospective students and student orientation.

He came to CBE after being employed in the Iowa State University Office of the Registrar. His background also includes time with the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid while attending school and later as a full-time advisor in that office.

Brown graduated with a B.S. in accounting from Iowa State in 2000 and completed a M.Ed. in the higher education program at Iowa State in 2002.

Kelsey Polaski

Going straight from Iowa State graduate to Iowa State employee, Kelsey Polaski joined the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering staff as a graduate student and data analytics specialist.

She received her undergraduate degree in management information systems from Iowa State’s Ivy College of Business. She worked in the ISU accounts receivable office and for the Iowa Department of Transportation as a data analytics intern. As an undergraduate she was also the head team manager for Iowa State volleyball and has coached youth volleyball.